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Adriano Concas

  • They reinterpret local wildlife figures with stylistic synthesis; animals are made with sheet metal and copper wire shaped and applied to surfaces with special effects of oxidation, that merge the warm colour of copper with the shades of vibrated green.

  • They reinterpret ancient lanterns; these oil lanterns are functional and decorative at the same time, they are hand-made with copper with intentionally oxidised effected created to remind of past traditions and habits.

  • The essential shape of the copper ladle reminds the one used in traditional cuisine to mix cheese in large pans during preparation. Entirely handmade, it is available in various sizes.

  • Being a typical tool to prepare fresh pasta, sa sarretta,it combines the beauty of its shape to high functional performance. Made with finess and skill, each piece is unique and is available in different sizes, in the form of the cutting wheel and the decorated wooden or horn grip.

  • It is inspired by the old copper pan used by hunters on the grill to slow-cook food; su prattu de cassa consists of two overlapping portions which are firmly connected to maintain and enhance the flavors during cooking.

The artisan

In his workshop in Villaputzu, Adriano Concas works with heartfelt passion in the artistic manufacture of copper, the ductile material that he uses to craft artistic objects and utensils reflecting the forms and techniques of traditional artifacts. Working with creativity and sensitivity, he tries to express his personal artistic perspective with copper in objects of daily use. He participates with felt interest in craft exhibits and demonstrations of arts and crafts, inspired and stimulated by his bond with the territory and the history of Sardinia.

The collection

His production consists of a line of kitchen tools that the craftsman realizes reinterpreting the artifacts of the tradition where refined forms are combined with top quality craftsmanship. Also his production of artistic and decorative objects is freely inspired by the territory and local history.

The technique

In the workshop, he usually implements traditional coppersmith techniques, performed with the specific tools used for malleable metals, hammered during the melting phase with wooden hammers on preformed jig. In addition to coppersmith techniques, other techniques are used on metals, wood and horn to create objects made of different materials.

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Where to find them

Via Sulis, 57 Villaputzu 09123 Villaputzu (CA)


Telefono: +39 348 7339272

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