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La Bottega dell'Intreccio

The artisan

Bonarcado artisan Luciana Salaris's love for the art of weaving comes from the teachings of a senior basket maker of his home town. Her job stemmed out of passion, giving life to the La Bottega dell'Intreccio workshop, where the skilled basket-maker works, following traditional craft processes, creating her artefacts with different types of Mediterranean maquis wood, such as willow, olive, reeds, myrtle and mastic. La Bottega dell'Intreccio participates in several fairs in Sardinia and in the rest of Italy, making retail sales and also working on a larger scale, such as providing coordinated designs to hotels and restaurants.

The collection

In her studio, she creates several artefacts, including traditional baskets for different uses, modern home accessories such as vases, jars, mirrors, lamps, chandeliers and laundry baskets. Each production may be customized in its shapes, material and decorative motif. Each object is sold with its own certificate of guarantee and quality.

The technique

Products are made by intertwining different types of Mediterranean wood, giving each basket a specific colour variation.

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Where to find them

La Bottega dell'Intreccio Via Europa, 53 09070 Bonarcado (OR)


Telefono: +39 328 3382133

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