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Laboratorio Fucina Orafa

  • 925 silver, 750 yellow gold choker, with a buffalo horn, Mediterranean red coral and freshwater beads. Being a clear tribute to Sardinian tradition, the artefact consists of a central pendant, depicting the silhouette of a woman in her traditional costume.

  • Refined and original 750 yellow gold choker, made of a gold foil with a garnet bezel. The manufacturing of the pendant is rather peculiar, since it is shaped in the form of a sun, embellished by the simplicity of the golden thread choker.

  • 750 yellow gold choker, a brilliant cut diamond bezel mounted on a gold sheet. The manufacturing of the pendant is rather peculiar, since it is shaped in the form of a vine leaf, open-work and hand-engraved, on which a small diamond is mounted symbolizing a drop of dew.

  • 925 silver bracelet embellished with mounted precious and semiprecious stones. The artefact is result of the manufacturing of a silver plate, that is perforated, hammered and hand-engraved. Yellow gold bezels are mounted on it to house different stones.

  • 925 silver choker with turquoise green obsidian, symbolizing a drop of water that breaks into a splash. The manufacturing of the pendant is rather peculiar, since it is made with silver wires drawn and welded together into a shape where a obsidian stone is mounted.

The artisan

Daniele is the son and the grandson of craftsmen, who passed him the love for manual work, although they were engaged in different sectors. After an apprenticeship at a jeweller's workshop in Cagliari, where he honed his skills and developed an artistic sensitivity of his own, in 2005 he opened a shop in the city centre of Selargius, where he still works, selling jewels which reinterpreted Sardinian culture with a fancy and modern touch. He has organized several exhibits both at local and national level, with positive results in terms of audience and critics, and being acknowledged as a Master of Arts.

The collection

The objects which are part of the collection are hand-crafted with different goldsmithing techniques, either in gold or silver. They are the result of the artisan's sensitivity towards Nature and Sardinian goldsmith tradition. These elements and the evocative effects of the artefacts are a proof of the artist's creativity: stones, corals, animal horns, mother-of-pearl, filigree elements, used in chockers, bracelets, earrings and much more. Objects of great impact and originality.

The technique

Daniele Sitzia's workshop are all hand-made, both in 750 gold and 925 silver, alternating general goldsmith techniques and traditional filigree: mountings, engravings, fretworks, horn and mother-of-pearl crafting, all made with great skill and expertise.

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Where to find them

Laboratorio Fucina Orafa Via Manin, 1 09047 Selargius (CA)

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